Walk Through on our Journey

Data Centre Built

We did a complete turnkey project for a leading Technology company for their 20000sq office and 2000sq ft Data Centre. The implementation included entire Civil, Electrical, Cooling, BMS, Fire Detection and Suppression System, Passive Cabling along with all the IT Components.

Africa Mobile Money

One of the leading teleco alongwith their BFSI partner was launching their mobile money platform. We did the complete information security design, deployment , GAP Analysis and Ongoing remote operational support

UK Movements

Our CEO had visited Oxford and Scotland to deliver speech on "Philosophy of management" in the International Conference

Employability Enhancement Workshop

Employability Enhancement

Prime had conducted a Employability Enhancement Workshop for all the final year students in one of the leading educational institutes in North-East India.

CISSP Workshop

This was one the major CISSP workshops conducted by us with one of the leading telco in Bangladesh.

Network and Application Audit

We had conducted several Network Audit (VAPT), Application Audit for various verticals (Govt, Education, Engineering, Textile, Retail, IT, ITES, Telco, Reality, Hospitality, Healthcare, NBFC etc).

Campus Wifi

This was one of the major Campus Wifi deployment in a factory environment. We did lot of similar indoor and outdoor deployments with proper site survey and optimized solutions.

Cisco Workshop

We did several training programs for freshers as well as experienced to train on cisco certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIP , CCIE). This is one of such workshop conducted in kolkata.

Access Control & Biometric

This is one of the major deployment for Access Control and Biometric Attendance for one of the leading Government Zonal Call Center.

Biswakarma Puja

Our team, employees, partners, associates are our extended family. We celebrate ocassions with them and their family. This was one of such occasion "Biswakarma Puja" in office.


In our journey music was always integrated part even though we are a technology company. This was an evening musicals on one the leading International Conference on Cyber Security, arranged by us.

Office Picnic

Office Picnic is one of such occasion where we freak out outside office and enjoy with the family. This was one of such picnic which was organized in a Farm House outside city.

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