Facts & figures from Google Cloud Summit 2017

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Google Cloud Summit is one of Google’s most definitive events on cloud-driven latest technologies, held on September 26th in Bengaluru and on September 28th in Mumbai.

The event marked motley of tech giants from across the globe, each having a significant announcement to make for the future of India’s e-commerce.

Rajan Anandan (Vice President, South East Asia and India, Google), Rick Harshman (Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Google Cloud) and Mohit Pande (Country Manager – India, Google Cloud) inaugurated the plenary session divided into three categories of discussions – Imagine, Learn and Build.

Each of the plenary discussion involved a close coordination between the global market of Internet of Things and India. Google India took this opportunity to highlight some important facts and figures concerning online businesses. Some vital ones are :

(i)  According to Google, about 650 million Indians will have access to the Internet, mostly through smartphones, by 2020.

(ii)  At least seven consumer-focused Google products have more than 100 million users each, in India. This number is growing fast.

(iii)  By 2018, over 40 million Indians will shop online.

(iv)  At present, 6.5 million Indians get online in over 100+ railways stations in the country through Google’s collaboration with RailTel.

(v)   Google generates one new server in the cloud every 3 seconds.

(vi)  Google Cloud Region is coming to Mumbai by the end of the year 2017. A Cloud Region in Mumbai will look after local data processing and online heavy-lifting, which is currently being taken care of by Google Cloud Regions located in Taiwan, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

(vii)  Google detects about 10 million spam messages every minute on the Internet.

(viii)  On a monthly basis, Google performs scans and security checks on over 400 million Android devices.


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