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“Penetration Testing is a tool for every business to accurately assess the security posture of their IT Infrastructure”


Penetration testing is an assurance exercise that employs an authorized method of assessing the security of an IT infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. It aims at replicating the steps an attacker would take to exploit vulnerabilities in your network, demonstrates the impact and provides a remediation strategy.

At Primeinfoserv we specialize in a full spectrum of penetration testing capabilities starting from:

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Wireless Penetration Testing

Social Engineering


The point of a system infiltration test is to recognize exploitable vulnerabilities in arrange frameworks, has, and organize gadgets before attackers are ready to find and endeavor them to increase unapproved access to the system and its framework.


Web applications have turned out to be more unpredictable and broad, so they can suit present day business necessities. These complexities, thusly have presented vulnerabilities that can possibly be utilized to invade a safe system border. Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) is an appraisal of a web application, completed to recognize vulnerabilities or escape clauses that can conceivably be abused in an application.

Web applications with weaker security give simple access to aggressors, who are endeavoring to pick up an a dependable balance of an association’s system. Aggressors are not focusing on you specifically, rather they are always examining and testing for helpless applications. With your approval, Cyraatek will endeavor to access your web application, keeping in mind the end goal to enter the working framework. We play out every single web application infiltration test utilizing strategies point by point in the OWASP testing guide, with the point of guaranteeing a far reaching web application entrance test


In this day and age, organizations depend entirely on data innovation. It is additionally a typical knowledge that most IT framework works with a lot of vulnerabilities.

The defenselessness appraisal process includes perceiving, measuring and organizing vulnerabilities in an IT framework. Weakness Assessment gives customers the chance to reveal potential issues in their data frameworks, and offer proposals to kill or reduce the level of hazard. Defenselessness appraisal is not the same as infiltration testing, as it empowers associations to revise vulnerabilities which identifies with its operations.

We can survey the security and respectability of your framework to recognize vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on the most proficient method to enhance your general security act.

“We offer you and your business the opportunity to understand the exploitable vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.”


Securing remote systems has been a noteworthy issue for associations. From maverick access focuses to inadequate encryption calculations and even gadgets left misconfigured. Remote systems are defenseless against assaults since access to them is hard to control and traded off remote systems can uncover your inside system to outside aggressors. Remote entrance test endeavors to recognizes shortcomings in a remote system by utilizing same hacking instruments and projects utilized by assailants.

Cyraatek group tends to your security concerns, implementing methods of assaults utilized by foes, alongside giving you applicable and effective activity design. Our entrance tests scale and power are custom-made to meet your business needs.


At Cyraatek we likewise give social building assault reproductions to give you a superior comprehension of the stance of the human component in your IT framework.

Techniques, for example, making telephone calls to representatives in the pretense if an IT office or senior individual from staff with the point of alluring them into uncovering data or perform assignments that would adversy affect the organization, are utilized to decide the level of human helplessness in your business.

“The efforts that an organization put in to securing your network are of little use if your employees fall prey to social engineering attacks.”

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